Telco and Ubuntu: 2020 roundup

Telco carriers announcements

Canonical has been working with more enterprises from the telco world over the years, but in 2020, the company went beyond its private cloud expertise and kicked off the deployment of 5G, the big step that the industry has been talking about.

MTS and Ubuntu deploying cloud infrastructure

In November, MTS, Russia’s largest mobile operator and a leading provider of media and digital services, announced the selection of Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack to power the company’s next-generation cloud infrastructure. The company mentioned that this is the foundation of the 5G rollout that would come in the following months, enhancing their network’s edge compute capabilities.

Malawi’s TNM and Ubuntu leading virtualisation charge

November has been a month of good news, as Malawi’s TNM also announced that they have selected Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, and its Charmed OpenStack distribution, an open-source private cloud solution that allows businesses to control large pools of compute, storage and networking in a data centre, to modernise and virtualise its entire telecommunications infrastructure. TNM is Malawi’s leading telecoms provider and aims to create faster time to market across its product range through the move.

Telco events

Ubuntu and Canonical’s achievements in telco

2020 was a busy year, with events, big announcements and new pieces of content. However, Canonical & Ubuntu never stopped working on the engineering side, getting new technical achievements.

  • It lets our customers harden their Ubuntu systems effortlessly
  • It quickly audits those systems against the CIS Ubuntu benchmarks

Ubuntu and Canonical share knowledge

Part of our philosophy is to share, therefore Ubuntu empowers not only through open-source projects but also through sharing knowledge and pieces of content that could be revisited when needed.

To conclude

The telco ecosystem has been important for Canonical and Ubuntu in 2020. Hoping not to forget anything, we look forward to more good news in the following year. As technology keeps evolving, we will keep growing and innovating in this landscape where everything moves fast and where staying connected is more than ever part of our normal lives.



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