Minor theme updates for WooCommerce 4.6.x

What’s new

Apart from the latest versions of WooCommerce Admin (1.6.1) and WooCommerce Blocks (3.4.0), all users will now get the new WooCommerce home screen, first introduced back in WooCommerce 4.3. The old setup wizard has been retired, tax classes that contain non-ASCII characters can be assigned to products, and country sorting is improved for languages that use graphic accents.

Filters and actions

The filters listed below have been added.


  • The classes WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard and WC_Admin_Setup_Wizard_Tracking with no replacement.
  • The method WC_Admin_Notices::install_notice() with no replacement.
  • The files includes/admin/views/html-notice-install.php, assets/css/wc-setup.scss and assets/js/admin/wc-setup.js with no replacement.

CSSIgniter themes and WooCommerce 4.6

All of our themes were compatible with this release from day one. We have just released a minor update for a few of our themes to fix a styling glitch introduced by the latest WooCommerce update.



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