Instagram Stories: Best practices and inspiration to engage your followers

What are Instagram Stories, anyway?

Instagram Stories highlight
Twitch Instagram Stories

Why use Instagram Stories (and what makes them so special)?

IG Stories put you front-and-center in followers’ feeds

showing stories content at top of feed

Stories are perfect for humanizing your brand

Insta Stories offer endless opportunities to engage

Instagram polls and stickers

How to use Instagram Stories as a brand or business

Educate your audience with how-to’s and tutorials

how to instagram stories example

Go back-and-forth with polls, quizzes and questions

interactive instagram stories

Make announcements and break your own news

freddy's instagram stories announcement

Highlight the latest posts in your main feed

Instagram Stories new post

Post teasers of upcoming content or products

Promote time-sensitive offers and deals

example of promotional deal annmouncement on instagram story

Share user-generated content and customer photos

sprout user generated content

Take your followers behind-the-scenes

3 Instagram Stories best practices that brands should follow

1. Figure out your publishing frequency

2. Take full advantage of creative features, tools and formats

Instagram Stories music

3. Keep a close eye on your Instagram Stories engagement

  • Which types of Stories receive the most views, replies and engagement
  • How often you should publish Stories based on firsthand data
  • How engaged your total audience is versus your Stories viewers
Sprout Instagram Stories analytics

Are you making the most of your Instagram Stories?



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