How to Install Fedora in VirtualBox [With Steps for USB, Clipboard and Folder Sharing]

Installing Fedora in VirtualBox

Install Fedora In Virtualbox

Step 1: Install VirtualBox

Download Virtulabox

Step 2: Download the Fedora ISO

Step 3: Create an empty virtual machine and configure it

Create A New Vm
Create a new virtual machine
1 Create Vm Fedora
Name your VM and assign it at least 3 GB RAM
2 Fedora Vm Disk
Assign 15–20 GB of disk space in VDI format
Fedora VM Settings ISO
Add the Fedora ISO to optical drive storage
3 Fedora Vm Settings2
Go to Settings and add ISO as optical drive
4 Fedora Vm Cpu
Optional step: Assign number of CPU cores

Step 4: Install Fedora in VirtualBox

6 Fedora Vm Boot
Fedora running in live environment in virtual machine
Installing Fedora in VirtualBox
Click on “install to hard drive”
9 Fedora Vm Partitioning 2
Choose keyboard, time and date and then go to Installation Destination
Disk partition while installing Fedora in virtual box
Disk should be automatically recognized
12 Fedora Vm Installation 1
Begin installation of Fedora
15 Power Off Fedora Gnome
Turn off Fedora live environment after installation
Remove Fedora Iso From Optical Drive
Remove Fedora ISO From Optical Drive

Use VirtualBox guest additions for additional features like clipboard sharing, folder sharing and more

Installing Guest Additions for Fedora in virtual box
Install VirtualBox Guest Additions
Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Shared clipboard

19 Fedora Vm Shared Clipboard 2
Enable clipboard sharing between guest and host systems

Shared folders

  • Permanent shares, that are saved with the Virtual Machine settings.
  • Transient shares, that are disappear when the Virtual Machine is powered off. These can be created using a checkbox in the VirtualBox Manager.
20 Fedora Vm Shared Folders 1
22 Fedora Vm Shared Folders2 1

Better video support

USB and Network Devices sharing

21. Fedora Vm Extension Pack
Install VirtualBox Extensions pack
sudo usermod -aG vboxusers 'your username'
25. Fedora Vm Usb 1
26. Fedora Vm Usb 1

Bonus Tip: Save and export the Virtual Machine so that you can use it later on any system

23. Fedora Vm Export
24. Fedora Vm Export 1
25. Fedora Vm Export




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