Comparing Linux Mint and Fedora: Which One Should You Use?

Fedora or Mint: What Should You Go For?

While we know that Fedora is not exactly geared towards Linux newbies, many users love using Fedora as their daily driver. So, in this article, we shall shed light on some differences between the two to help you pick one to use on your desktop machine.

System Requirements & Hardware Compatibility

fedora 34 about
linux mint resources
Linux Mint Resource Usage

Software Update Cycle

linux mint update manager
Linux Mint Update Manager

Desktop Environment Choices

linux mint cinnamon desktop
Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition
fedora 34 desktop
Fedora 34 with GNOME 40

Software Availability

linux mint software sources
Linux Mint’s Software Center and Package Manager
fedora 34 software
Fedora 34 Software Center

Ease of Use & Installation

For an entirely new user, Ubuntu or any Ubuntu-based distribution generally fares well to start with.

Out of the Box Experience

The most hassle-free experience is usually the pleasant option. Well, for most people.

linux mint driver manager
fedora nvidia driver installation
Installing NVIDIA drivers in Fedora


I would recommend going for Fedora’s documentation if you rely on resources and want to challenge yourself with a decent learning experience along the process.

Community Support

You will get a good community support for both. The Linux Mint forums is a basic platform which is easy to use and gets the job done.

Corporate vs Community Angle

Fedora is backed up by the biggest open-source company Red Hat — so you get a good level of constant innovation and support for the long run.

Wrapping Up

If you want a no-nonsense and easy to use operating system for your home computer, Linux Mint would be my suggestion. But, if you want to experience the latest and greatest, while taking a little adventure in your Linux learning experience, Fedora can be a good pick.



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