9 effective customer retention strategies that work in 2021

1. Invest in your onboarding process and customer resources

zendesk onboarding email
resources for customer retention
zendesk customer webinars

2. Create a sense of community through user-generated content

loom customer compliments

3. Actively ask for customer feedback to improve your experience

feedback email for customer retention
sweetwater customer retention email

4. Speed up and step up your social customer care

sprout smart inbox showing all messages in one place

5. Reward your most loyal customers

smashbox loyalty program

6. Listen closely to your lost customers

sprout social listening

7. Set expectations to create a better customer experience

shipping policy example
customer warranty example

8. Keep customers in the loop about your latest products, launches and updates

9. Establish a follow-up frequency that keeps customers engaged

pipedrive contacts timeline for customer retention
Twitter conversation history and note function in Sprout Social

What does your customer retention plan look like?



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