10 Stunning Examples of Text Distortion Effects in Web Design

Glitched Text by Lucas Bebber

Lucas Bebber has created an analog-like creation with just a slight touch of noise. It has been created using only CSS, so it’s lightweight and fast. The effect does have some subtle pausing throughout, ensuring that the animation doesn’t overly annoy viewers.

Ants! by Bennett Feely

This example makes clever use of Blotter.js, a modern JavaScript library for drawing creative text effects. Each symbol has been composed of hundreds of tiny irregular shapes that move in an almost chaotic fashion. The effect is not overwhelming, annoying, or irritating. On the contrary, it is intriguing and visually appealing.

Underwater SVG Text by Katrine-Marie Burmeister

Lately, water-inspired effects have become popular among creative web developers. Katrine-Marie Burmeister has created this simple solution that would give any text a lovely underwater touch.

Distortion by Corentin

This text effect example is much less extravagant than Bennet Feely’s and more intriguing than the previous example from Katrine-Marie Burmeister. It has a liquid-like behavior that is revealed when the user hovers over the lettering. It is simple yet eye-catching.

Particle Text by Noname

Every letter in this creation is composed of numerous dots that begin to move erratically when the mouse cursor hovers over them. It almost feels like you are going to blow them away.

Text particle by Thibaud Goiffon

Using thousands of solid circles of various sizes and colors, Thibaud Goiffon has created an outstanding distortion concept. He has also provided the viewer with a small control panel to edit such variables as gravity, duration, speed, radius, and resolution.

Dynamic 3D confetti text by Rachel Smith

This example is a playground where you can edit your own text. Each symbol is composed of numerous colorful triangles of various sizes. Here, the distortion effect is quite delicate. The result is that the text looks elegant despite its bold appearance.

Spark Text SCSS by Tatsuya Azegami

This example has been created to amuse the viewer. Hover your mouse cursor over the text, and you will see a thin straight line blow each letter away like a sharp arrow. Of course, everything comes back to normal almost immediately.

Squiggly Text by Lucas Bebber

This text effect feels like it is trembling with fear, so it will certainly come in handy for numerous Halloween-inspired websites. This is another pure CSS creation that cleverly makes use of SVG filters.

Text Distortion by Joshua Ward

This is another solution that requires user interaction. When the cursor hovers the text, a second layer appears. It consists of blue and pink colors that give each letter a mock 3D anaglyphic touch. It also has a slight vibrating effect that forces the text to pulsate, thereby unobtrusively drawing attention.

Text Scramble Effect by Justin Windle

Justin Windle has taken one of the banalest text effects up to the next level. This typing effect looks simple but stylish. This example is so universal and elegant that it could easily be used on numerous types of projects.



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