The PATH variable in Linux stores the path to the directories where it should look for executables when you run a command.

abhishek@its-foss:~$ echo $PATH

As you can see, the PATH consists of several directories (like /usr/local/sbin, /usr/bin and more) separated by colon (:).

If you want to run some executables as command from anywhere in the system, you should add their location in the PATH variable.

This is common while setting up a development environment. For example, imagine you downloaded and installed Java and Maven. …

In this article we’ll show you how to set a custom 404 page via a .htaccess file. This will allow you to set the error message that visitors to your site receive when they request a page that doesn’t exist on the server.

If you read our previous article about 404 error not found pages it was discussed that handling 404 errors dynamically can be problematic if done very frequently. If you’re running WordPress on your website, you might want to think about installing the W3 Total Cache plugin which has the ability to serve static 404 errors for WordPress.

Fedora and Red Hat. Both Linux distributions belong to the same organization, both use RPM package manager and both provide desktop and server editions. Both Linux distributions have a greater impact on the operating system world.

This is why it is easier to get confused between the two similar distributions. In this article, I will discuss the similarities and difference between Red Hat and Fedora.

This will help you if you want to choose between the two or simply want to understand the concept of having two distributions from the same organization.

Difference Between Fedora And RHEL

Fedora vs Red Hat
Fedora vs Red Hat

Let’s talk about the difference between the two…

When I was a student in design school, I once did an assignment for a teacher who made us stand up and present our projects to the entire class. Now I’m not the best public presenter, and as a teenager in college, I was even worse.

After I fumbled through my presentation, my teacher pulled me aside and said that I’d had the best ideas out of everyone in the class, but gave the worst presentation. I was too shy, and I didn’t inspire any confidence in my audience. My presentation had no “pop,” and thus it was boring and…

Nowadays, the mobile and web app market is highly competitive and the demand for such products keeps increasing. With so many options for where to shop and which services to use, people will not waste time trying to navigate apps/websites that are difficult to use.

Therefore, even experienced web designers and developers need to go out of their way to keep users engaged and content. It is vital to retain your audience as any friction may lead users to drop your application.

Any application requires a user-friendly interface that provides a streamlined experience to sustain user engagement. …

If you’re looking to make a visual impact in your web projects, 3D text effects are a surefire way to do so. They can turn an ordinary website headline into a can’t-miss work of art.

The great thing is that a wide variety of 3D effects can be created using CSS and JavaScript. When thoughtfully implemented, this enables text to stay accessible and responsive. It’s a far cry from the days when such effects were only available through the use of images.

Today, we’ll take a look at some snippets that feature beautiful 3D text effects. They run the gamut…

Envato Elements
Envato Elements

25 Free Magazine & Editorial Layout Templates for Adobe InDesign — Get your publication off the ground with these outstanding free InDesign templates.

In all likelihood, you’ve already discovered the benefits of WordPress, and worked with one or more popular WordPress themes or other design aids.

Top WordPress themes typically bring both advantages and limitations to the table. As a consequence, a web designer is confronted with finding a theme that maximizes the former and minimizes the latter when addressing the task at hand.

Finding “the best WP theme” among the large number currently on the market can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours sifting through and evaluating a lengthy list of potential candidates. This collection of 12…

It’s no secret that WP Rocket’s support team is the backbone of the company’s success. Being a premium and GPL plugin, our competitive advantage is deeply rooted in providing support to our users. In fact, “Simplicity and Support” has always been our founders’ motto. These are the two key elements on which the company was built and the driving forces behind our product. Did you know that our very first hire was for our support team?

Our customer service team currently serves more than 150,000 customers worldwide by teaching them how to use WP Rocket — our awesome caching plugin

mir was designed to help systems on chips (SoCs) to reduce their development and maintenance investment in Linux graphics drivers. Today, mir works across the whole stack of devices, from desktop computers, tablets and phones, to IoT devices. You can find mir in industry GUI applications to smart mirrors, enabling developers to design innovative user interfaces. Canonical is launching mir 2.3.2, a new version of mir that improves the desktop experience, especially working with X11 based applications.

How to get mir 2.3.2

mir is a library for writing graphical shells for GNU/Linux and similar operating systems. It incorporates much of what traditionally requires multiple components…

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